Cimentos de Moçambique

One more giant leap

In March 2011 Insitec took another step in the consolidation of its position in construction sector by entering into a partnership with Cimentos de Moçambique, a branch of Portugal’s Cimpor, one of the most influential cement companies in the world.

The integration of the Cinac cement factory, located in Nacala, into Cimentos de Moçambique opened the way for a significant increase in turnout by the mother company, which Insitec now has an important stake in. Cimentos de Moçambique now operates one cement factory, three mills and three concrete plants, with an overall production of over one million tonnes of cement a year.

Mozambique’s cement market is growing in importance. In 2010 cement and clinker sales grew by 13,7% compared to the previous year. Cement consumption in Mozambique should reach one and half million tonnes in 2014 and, by 2018, consumption is expected to have risen to one million eight hundred thousand tonnes a year.

With these investments Insitec positions itself in the frontline of progress in Mozambique, in the field of construction and respective material.

It is expected that the needs of cement in Mozambique increased 20% between 2014 and 2018.